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Eccentric Ethnicity

Jakarta, 25 Juni 2015 - The main purpose of all this has always been, and always will be the same – bringing good vibe into the atmosphere of your life. Ranging from neutral peaceful colors, to a much more vibrant and daring ones, VIVERE takes you to a journey beyond imaginable.

As one of the most prominent furniture brand in Indonesia, we embrace progress and we are eager for new challenges. Innovation is one of our top priority, that's why this time we would like to invite you to rejoice the warmth of summer with our brand new accessories collection.

Inspired by the freshness of the season, our brand new items come up with a bright and more vibrant colour palette. A mixture between tropical colors and morrocan-style pattern in our latest cushion and table runner collection will add a sense of cheerfulness in your living space.

VIVERE Candle collection is also well known among our loyal customers, and this time, we provide you with more choices of these beautifully designed decorative candles. Our new Votive Candle collection comes with unique sunrise & over the sea scent, rosemary &  white ginger, and mint leaf & basil – All to freshen up the air in the room without any respiratory risk for we only use safe ingridients. Their good looks is also a good reason for you to give them as gifts for your loved ones, friends, colleagues, etc.

See also how the tropical theme inspire us, and how we incorporated them into our modern wall clock collection, with a more modern touch.

A combination between all the above and a set of our ethnic themed wall sculptures and table lamps will boost an experience of living in a tropical paradise.

These new accessories will be available at VIVERE showrooms sometime mid-July 2015.