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Stylish and Relaxing Atmosphere

VIVERE launches its latest thematic collection for October – December 2015 Edition with the theme of Stylish and Relaxing Atmosphere, brighten up your living space with our furniture & accessories collection. 
The latest accessory collection is inspired by nautical colors. VIVERE creates ideas to adorn your rooms through various choices of these Accessory Products, such as charmingly unique cushion cover, photo frame, dinner plates and beautiful flower which definitely will attract your guests attention. With the right choices of accessory products, it can get your rooms alive and boost your moods.
Animal Themed Cushion Covers, this latest collection from VIVERE is available in many animal picture choices to adjust your taste. Featuring a quality animal photo print design, this cushion cover will complement any modern decor. This friendly animal cushion cover will bring a finishing touch to your sofa or chair. Impressive home decorating taste, unique structural pattern texture to add the spice of life.
Decorative objects are also available in many interesting options. You'll find a range of decorative object options in a touch of the sea. Our nautical collection brings the feel of the beach and seaside theme indoors. These nautical collection can make relaxation spot and perfect styling for any room into your place.
NOJA Series, Finnish for 'Rest'. Designed by one of Indonesia's most prominent designer, the late Irvan A. Noe'man as his last art work in collaboration with VIVERE. NOJA collection comes in living and dining room set. Despite of using high quality walnut veneer and an eco-friendly waterbase finishing, NOJA is still affordable, so you don't have to dig deep to own them. These eco luxury collection fits perfectly for the young and dynamic living space, which can be seen through the shape, styling, and fabric, keeping them modern as the inspiration comes from mid century furniture design. We proudly present this collection as a tribute to Mr. Irvan for his love and lifetime dedication in interior design. VIVERE is honored to have the opportunity to learn from the maestro himself.
Stylish and Relaxing Atmosphere, brighten up your living space. All latest accessory collection is available at VIVERE showrooms and you can also take a look in the website www.viverecollection.com