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VIVERE Launches The Newest Product Collection at Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) 2015

At this exhibition, VIVERE will feature its latest product range called Matala Collection and Noja Collection. Matala and Noja Collection are exclusively designed and developed by Irvan A. Noe'man, one of the leading Industrial designers in Indonesia.


"The design development in Indonesia as the main pillar of creative economy has shown rapid growth in various industries, marking a big role in the economic growth of our country. This is an indication that the creative industry, such as design has a potential to develop its role to become one of the main supporter of the national economy.


"Design is a product of culturea, its existence is representing and becoming one of the historical milestone of all generations." (Irvan A.Noeman, M.ID)



MATALA Hicraft Rattan

MATALA is truly inspired by the concept of a smart living and office, creating balance and promoting harmony. The transformation of Indonesian tradition into a product with contemporary design spirit, by fusing the high manufacturing process and the high craftsmanship of the locals, as well as the detail of Indonesian rattan, has brought the real beauty and comfort to this chair. And yet, its attention to the detail of human factors makes MATALA suitable for supporting your productive days at the office or your lazy weekends at home.


The featured product of Matala is the Swivel Chair, designed specifically to support the active, work environment; a very proper use at home or office. Collaboration between color varieties and options, combined with high quality natural rattan has brought dynamism and spirit in your living space. By using rattan as the main material in its latest collections, VIVERE has raised rattan as a high quality, typical Indonesian materials to be a part of today's modern residential. It is also part of VIVERE's effort to promote and proudly present high quality local material, design and manufacturing.



About Rattan

More or less, there are 600 species of rattan out there and only 80% of those grow in Indonesia. MATALA is using the best type rattan called Manau, that grows wild in Northern Sumatra. It spreads all over the place and after 14 years it can grow up to 1.500 meters where it is ready to be cut. It is considered a very eco-friendly plant and sustainable due to its ability to grow back after being cut, without the need of replantation.



NOJA : eco-friendly wood furniture series

By supporting a green movement, VIVERE launched a new 2015 eco-friendly furniture series, called NOJA collection.
Noja is a combination of green material with elegant natural look and superb intricate design, that wrapped with touch of contemporary style. The series is available for living room, dining room and bedding collection.

The shape of Noja is light and simple, but rich of details and require high craftmanship, that inspired by the Indonesian common artistic design practice of 'carving'. Noja main design character is in its slices (irisan) detail that creates bevellish shapes at each corner of the product. This intricate shape have become a new touch state of the art and design expression, that exquisitely created by utilizing the combination of art, design and manufacturing technologies.


The look and feel of Noja is warm, elegant and natural. Layered with light veneer, Noja comes with a shade of warm grey color, bringing rest and relax atmosphere vibe into your space. The distinct sophiticated touch blends well with modern interior and natural decor style (example: unfinished wall/floor, natural brick wall).


The material of Noja is eco-friendly. Noja applies water based finished wood coating paint by Sayerlack (Italy) in the final coating process, which is odorless and doesnt contain any toxic chemical. Beside to create smoothness and bringing elegant look to the product, the water based finishing is very safe for the air quality at indoor environment. Certified by EU Ecolabel in 2011, Sayerlack is a top 3 wood coating products that commonly used in furniture and other industry around Europe. The selection of greener material is a step of green practice that VIVERE takes in promoting of living green.